Monday, May 23, 2011

Me So Clever


Gi-normous Paint head


Regular/cob sized figure-8 noseband


The addition of a nylon spur strap to extend the ends


Problem solved!

I received this beautiful, blingy figure-8 for my birthday a few years ago from Kelsy and Mama Briggs. I have been horribly bummed all this time to have not been able to use it because of Eddie's huge face.'s all good. (Disclaimer: you might be skeptical about supplementing legitimate pieces of tack with "alternative" pieces of tack. I feel comfortable with this quick fix, in that if my figure-8 should break while Eddie and I are galloping along, I won't fall off and die. It's not like I'm repairing a broken girth strap with 1/2 a roll of duct tape. Nope, I won't ever be doing that again. Ha....I kid, I kid....)

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