Thursday, July 7, 2011

Easy Livin'

I forget that people who don't live in the South don't live like we live in the South. Or, maybe they do.....but, I do live in the South, so I don't really know how others have it. All I know is that we people have it pretty good down here and we like to take it easy now-and-again. For example, we like to celebrate national holidays for the holiday, the 3 days preceding the holiday, and the 3 days following the holiday. Life is too short to just watch it pass you by. It's far better to just watch boats pass you by as you float in the lake.

For the 4th of July, I traveled to Highland Lake, Alabama to stay with some friends and their family (and by "family" I mean about 60 odd folks who are related, may be related, or might as well be related) at their farm and lake house(s). Eddie got to go too, so we caught up on our visiting time, drank a little bit, ate pretty well, and rode 3 out of the 5 days we were there (the days I didn't ride were spent on the lake). Not too bad of a way to turn a visit into a vacation!

Sarah and Ian's lake house, where I made myself right at home.

Lake view from the front deck.

My basement "apartment." The dogs loved it!

Max enjoying his vacation.

Miller enjoying his vacation.

The only drawback to the lake house on a hill is the steps down to the dock.

...and more steps down to the dock.

But, all the steps were worth it to get to spend the entire day just like this.

The back pasture, herb garden, and fire pit out at the farm.

Idjit being peaceful and serene.

The field by the pond where I took my dressage lesson Sunday evening.

The screened-in porch and "party deck" at the farm.

Doggie door in the tack room.

The front porch that looks out over Eddie's paddock.

Eddie in the paddock.

Eddie sees me coming in my boots and britches.
Eddie spins and runs when I enter the paddock with the halter and lead.

Bad Eddie!

Success! I finally caught him. Me, Eddie, Kelly, and Idjit after
a ride through the fields.

A tired pony is ready to go home and do what he
does best: eat, sleep, and swish flies.


Veronica Lodge said...

Where do i find some friends with a set up like that! LOL

Kate said...

I'm with Veronica. If they're looking for a new "family" member, let me know ;)

Holly Ratcliff said...

That's pure luck and total good fortune, on my part, to have friends in such high places. :-)

Kelly Vaughan said...

We were happy to have you! Hopefully next time Sarah will have Raj back and we can go for a lesson with Fran and to a neighbors 1000 acre farm for trail rides :)