Friday, July 1, 2011

Sounds of Summer

The zip of my boots.

The scratch of Velcro.

The snap of stirrup leathers.

The squeak of the saddle as I settle into the tack.

The swish of a tail and soft snufflings of my senior citizen as he grazes.

And, the rushing gurgle of the creek behind my house after a soaking rain.

Some sounds that I didn't include might be: the wheeze of heavy breathing as I do trot sets; the uneven shuffle of an abscess-ey horse walking on gravel; the thunder of hoofbeats as Eddie runs up the hill into the back field when it's time for me to ride; and the chaotic clatter of PVC jump poles when Eddie carelessly disregards the crossrails in the gymnastic. 

Whatever your sounds of summer are......Happy Summer!


Suzanne said...

Love it... makes me smile!

Holly Ratcliff said...

Thanks, Suzanne! Gotta love the "small things" in life. :-)

Veronica Lodge said...

I love the "snap" of the stirrup leather.