Friday, April 29, 2011

No Rolex for You!!!! says my bank account. :-( 

I know how you feel, Elaine. Deprived!!!
But, just because I can't be there doesn't mean I haven't watched hours of highlights from the royal wedding the live webcast, all day long. Since I am only 2.5 hours from Lexington, and because my college roommate and her family live there, it is such a shame I can't manage the trip. However, I feel sure that I will be able to keep well informed on all the action through the official pages, web sites, and blogs of everyone there. To keep me occupied, I have pulled some photos I have taken of favorite riders from recent years. I don't have a particular favorite this weekend; I just hope everyone finishes safely and may the best [wo]man win!

Bruce Davidson

Dorothy Crowell and Molokai

Ian Stark

Karen O'Connor and Biko

Blyth Tait

Nick Larkin and Red

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