Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Day at the Races

I know I posted last week that our Central Marketing team was going to Keeneland for the day, and we had a blast!! I won't go into detail about how much people ate, drank, lost on the ponies, or about the unfortunate experience of seeing a horse fall and fracture its leg in the Royal Chase steeplechase (that's 2 equine fatalities for me, in as many weeks. I'm staying home from Rolex this weekend, because I'm not about to jinx Ryan or Will).

Everyone had a great time and it was just good to let our hair down and be friends among co-workers, instead of just grunts among fellow grunts. Here are a few pictures. (That's me and Erika in the one photo...I'm in the pink leather jacket, and that's Dawn, Kristen, and Kate from Cincy in the other). Too bad we don't get to do this every Friday!

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