Friday, April 27, 2007

A place, where nobody dared to go...

I love, love, love the movie "Xanadu," starring Olivia Newton-John and Gene Kelly. The songs (an ELO-heavy soundtrack is always a good sign that the movie is fabulous), the roller skating, the dancing, the cartoon love-scene sequence, the roller disco ensemble fiasco at the's just the greatest in classic 80's cinema. I remember being very into the hair barettes with the ribbon woven through them and trailing down the side of my head just like Kira's in "Xanadu." I was the most awesome, back in 1982.

But now, oh I can hardly believe it!!! "Xanadu" has come to Broadway! I was very excited when ABBA's music came to Broadway in the form of "Mama Mia," but this has got to be the best show ever. I'm dying to go. Anybody want to go to NY some weekend and relive the magic? "Everybody all around the world, gotta tell you what I just heard/There's gonna be a party all over the world." :)

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