Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Engineers rule

I love working with the Wilbur Smith people in Knoxville. I know that other WSA peeps elsewhere don't have it so lucky, which makes me even more grateful for the wonderful people I encounter on a daily basis.

This past Friday morning, there was a ribbon cutting ceremony to re-open James White Parkway in downtown Knoxville, as the first contract of the SmartFIX 40 project came to completion. Our firm designed this interstate/roadway improvement and our engineers are also taking part in the construction inspection of the work as it progresses. I'm really proud of everyone working on this job, since it's hard, thankless work, and because - ultimately - the road improvements will save lives. And, saving lives is always a good thing.

You can click on the above photo to see it in a larger size, if you really, really, really want to see everybody up close and personal. I got pulled into that photo at the last minute (which is why I'm smack dab up front) and if you can't tell by my expression, I wasn't exactly sure why they wanted me in the picture. It's not like I be engineering ANYTHING, or whatever. :)

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