Friday, September 21, 2007


Sadly, my cat Samuel (aka "Sammy") passed away yesterday. He had been a bit sickly for the last week or so, but I thought maybe it was just a cold. He wasn't coming up around the house and eating from his bowl on the front porch and he wasn't really being very social or affectionate, so I knew something was wrong, and I sort of knew where it was all going. I feel like the Bermuda Triangle of pets lately. That's 3 animals (Lucas, Soapsuds, and now Sammy) that I've lost in the past month. But, I have to think that I'm a good owner and love them and take care of them while I can.

May Sammy rest in peace (beside his sister, Sasha, over behind the barn) and may he catch lots of rats in Kitty Heaven!!!

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Jennifer said...

I'm sorry to hear about Sammy passing. He was a great cat and I know you took very good care of him - same with all your animals - they are very well loved. :-)