Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Go Tigers

...And, when I say "Go Tigers" I don't mean "Geaux Tigers" (Sorry, Shane dear).

So, after this first exciting weekend of college football, I have decided that I am not going to be able to cheer for Tennessee this year after all. About halfway through last football season, I gave up on UT and chose to support the team with the coolest colors (orange and purple!). Clemson was a good choice, since my friends Will and Brandon, (Loper, aka "BLo"!!!) went there, too, and that means I have a personal attachment. My other choice would be Georgia, but I just can't do that...not yet, not at this time. Again, sorry, Shane dear.

After all was said and done last night, I'm going to have to cheer for Clemson, and of course, whoever happens to be playing Florida on any given Saturday. Or, whoever is playing LSU, who I hate just as bad. AGAIN, SORRY, SHANE DEAR. Clemson has the cool colors, but I have to say that their slogan "The Paw Says It All" has got to go. No self-respecting athletic marketing director would come up with such a lame catchphrase, I am sure.


Ro said...

Clemson? You're cheering for Clemson? You should cheer for VA Tech instead. You know they beat Clemson last year. Will will remember...he still owes me dinner because of it. Ha!

Holly said...

Being from Bristol, TN/VA, you either support UT or VT. So, I'm kind of tired of both. At any rate, I didn't make an educated decision on who to support or not. It's based on the school colors, which is way more important than athletic prowess, academic reputation, or general football butt-kicking ability. I'm also cheering for South Carolina. They beat Georgia this weekend, which made me laugh, laugh, laugh!!! Go Dawgs!!! Hahaha.