Monday, March 7, 2011

An "Aha!" Moment

Yeh, OK, I think I just figured this one out. This completely explains why I'm just all about Gary Lightbody. I totally get it, now.

I don't think he would be offended by the comparison. I never really believed that Eddy was as macabre and dour as his writing implied (I bet he was clever and funny, when he was sober). I don't imagine gL is as melancholy and heartbroken as some of his songs imply, either. They had/have their styles, but I bet they were/are quite darling, in person. Brilliant writers and under-appreciated geniuses, that's for sure. A little introspective and overly analytical, but pleasant and friendly all the same. And, there really is NOTHING wrong with "introspective" and "overly analytical." If Poe were alive today, I could definitely see him as the frontman of a fabulously talented band from the UK. I'm absolutely feeling this similarity, here.

From childhood's hour I have not been
As others were...I have not seen
As others saw...

I just hope my theory isn't proved too true 10 years from now when Gary is found delirious and half-mad in the gutters of Dublin or Glasgow!

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