Thursday, March 10, 2011

First and First

I uploaded these old (OLD) pictures of me from my very first horse show at Virginia Intermont College when I was 5 years old. And.....yes, I finished in first place. I think it was either a nod to the fact I was the youngest and littlest in the class, or it was possibly a tribute to my amazing tan corduroy habit that was homemade by my mom. This was the first horse show for the Ratcliff family, and with my sister following quickly in my footsteps, this was the last calm, smiling, custom-made-outfit, sunny, delightful, argument-free horse show day. Once we went over that edge? All hell broke loose and it was ponyclubhorseshorseshorsestacktruckstrailersponyclubcamphorseshowhorseshowhorseshowbarnbarnbarnponycclubshowbarnrolexrolexrolexcollegebarndutycollegenewfarmeventingeventingeventingnewhorseeventingeventing......etc., etc. from then on out. My friends and I always laugh and say there are two kinds of horsey girls out there: the ones who grow out of it, and the ones who don't. Clearly, we know which one of those I am. :-)

The lineup

Already kinda done. Just give me my ribbon, now.

Yeh, it's blue. We rocked!

This little outfit is killing me!  I love it! I really wish I still had it. I wish
we could have kept Lady (my trusty steed), too.

I'm not crying here. It looks like it, but I think I was just over all the photo taking.

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