Sunday, March 27, 2011

Irish Eyes are Smiling

I have been a fan of the Irish eventing team
since Ginny Elliot (who, I make no point of hiding, is my personal eventing idol/goddess/inspiration/hero) has been guiding them the past few years. Like DOC has done for Canada, she has taken a talented pool of young prospects and, over time, built a strong international presence that was previously not a blip on the big-time team scene. I have mentioned more than a few times that Geoff Curran and The Jump Jet are personal favorites of mine, and it is clear that Ginny has been a positive and encouraging influence as they have worked together the past several years. Again, like the Canadians (proving me RIGHT) at WEG last year, I hold hope that the Irish will come out and surprise everyone in the next year or so and be ready and strong to contend on the world stage for a long while to come. 

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