Thursday, March 3, 2011

All Grown Up!

Megan and Malcolm running his first Training-level course at
Middle Tennessee Pony Club Horse Trials 2006 (Nashville, TN)

My friend, Megan Stout, sold her baby OTTB, "Sir Malcolm," a few years ago to a wonderful eventer, and he and his new owner did their first intermediate together a few weeks ago in Ocala. I met Megan and Malcolm at a clinic in Nashville back in 2007 and I have kept track of Malcolm's career via updates from Megan since she sold him. Megan keeps in touch with Michelle and she gets so much satisfaction seeing them moving up the levels and doing so well together. Here is a video that Megan shared today on Facebook and I couldn't resist sharing it here. Great job, Megan, giving Malcolm a fabulous start (right off the track!), providing Michelle such a beautiful horse to have in her life. Good luck in 2011 to Michelle & Malcolm (and Megan, as well...watching happily from behind-the-scenes)!

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