Monday, March 28, 2011

Those clever Brits

Had I been born in a different time and a different place, I'm pretty sure I would have looked something like this:

I love Downton Abbey and can't wait for them to finish the second installment so I can watch it later this year. Why is it that one always has to wait, and wait, and wait for the good things? 

*Additionally, it is a mark of a well-written program when you need an ancestral chart just to keep up with all the wonderful characters. Bravo, Julien Fellowes (as usual)!


Libby Henderson said...

We are not amused! Now, you've caught my attention and I want to watch and can't find episodes online. :(

I'll have to watch them one by one through iTunes!! argh.

It looks great, though!

Holly said...

Hey Libby! I don't know if you have Netflix or Blockbuster online or anything like that, but I know the full first season is already out on DVD. I'm not sure if Blockbuster might have it in the stores yet or not, but you could get it that way maybe. It might be cheaper than iTunes (but, then again, through iTunes you could keep them and watch them again!). It's a great show. I'm a big fan of Julien Fellowes and I wish his works weren't so few-and-far-between (he also did Gosford Park). I hope you get to see this sometime soon. Enjoy!!!