Thursday, March 24, 2011

That's Some Pig!!!

Louie the agility pig!
Now, I know that everyone thinks Orson is the best pig around (he is!), but I haven't seen him dashing through tunnels, leaping hurdles, or weaving through poles lately. This little guy is adorable. I'd love to see more of Louie and now I want one just like him!!! 


Anonymous said...

Hey we have a dog exactly like yours, she is a multi poo and has also jumped in a fun thing done during a benefit horse show. Nice picture.

Patti Hanco said...

Hi Holly could we post that adorable puppy and pig photo on our Omega Alpha Pets FB page if we give you credit back to your site?
It is just way to cute we have so many agility clients.
Patti Hanco

Holly said...

Hi Patti! That is actually not my photo. If you click on the bold-faced words "This little guy is adorable" in the text of my post, it will take you directly to the source/site where I got it (it was an entry on Paw Nation and they link directly to their source, who is the dog and pig's owner). I think if you credited the Paw Nation entry as your source, that would probably be a more direct link than my post. Thanks for asking me, though!

--Holly Ratcliff