Friday, March 4, 2011

I guess I asked for it.....

Remember a few weeks ago when I said something like, "Let it rain, snow, sleet, hail, FLOOD...."? Well, this past Monday afternoon, we had some heavy downpours here in Knoxville/East TN and we got just that: Flooding. Needless to say, I did not have the cute green boots with the beagles on them to assist my flood-dodging efforts!

I have a dry creek that runs just behind my house, between my backyard and the horse field. When it rains hard, I live close enough to I-40 that the run-off drains from the Interstate and comes down through fields and the creekbed along my road and fills that ditch like a running stream. The other day, it turned from running stream to wild river in about 20 minutes. It floated 2 of my horse water troughs through the field, broke the bottom boards of the wooden fence, and pushed them into the trees way on the other side of my driveway. It also flattened two portions of my woven wire dog fence in the back yard that I had to go out and repair before I could let the dogs run outside. And, finally (and sadly), it washed over my fish pond/fountain/trough in my yard and swept away my two goldfish, Ginny and Lucinda. The water kept on moving down through my neighbors' fields and into a creek that goes to the French Broad River, so I'm hoping they made it to the river and are swimming free. I looked for them everywhere in the water's path after the rush went down, but I didn't see them anywhere, so I'm crossing my fingers they went on through and made it to at least the creek down the road.

There is supposed to be another round of rain/floods this weekend in Tennessee, so I'm moving all my buckets, planters, troughs, and garden ornaments to high ground. I do not want to sit here and watch it all wash away again!

Water viewed from the back porch, looking towards the pasture/barn.

Looking from my back porch across the yard towards the field and my horse trailer.
(That water that looks like it's standing is actually rushing pretty fast through there.)

Photo taken from my bathroom window overlooking the creek.
You can't even see the ditch that it usually runs down
through (it's completely under is my dog fence)!

Looking from my bathroom window towards the barn/driveway.
The fish pond is the gray oval to the right that has been
completely washed over. That water in the center between the 2 trees
is about 2.5-3 feet deep (the creek/ditch is underneath there).

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