Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Baby Love

Ok. It is a well-known fact amongst my closest homies that I am not really what you could call a "baby person." I love the kiddies, but having one of my own freaks me out (for good reason, I should guess, as I'm not married and don't really plan to be anytime soon). But, this doesn't mean that I can't love my friends' kids, which is a good thing, because I do.

Last weekend, I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting -- for the first time ever-- Jace, the 2 year old son of my college suitemate, Martha, and I also got to meet new baby Eden, the 3 month old daughter of my other college suitemate, Shane. They are both beautiful children and I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with them. Jace is full of energy, or, as we politely like to say, "He is a very active child." I love it! We went outside and played in the yard together for about an hour on Saturday, so Martha could sit inside with Shane and have a bit of a chat and catch up. Jace took to Auntie Holly like trailer trash to Velveeta! It almost does make me want one of my own, but please don't tell my mom that, because she'd get all excited and hopeful and shit.

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