Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

I am not "Mary," and I'm rarely "contrary," but I do have a garden and I love it. Well, I wouldn't technically call it a "garden," but I definitely have some flower cultivation going on at my place.

The pictures associated with this post are of my window box and the containers I have growing right outside of my bedroom window. Those are petunias and daisies and a geranium, and that mandevilla vine is going so well. The other picture (below) is of a container of petunias and ivy growing just beside my driveway. That was about 2 small petunia plants and one small pot of ivy that I split up and planted around the edge of an empty container I had sitting around. It has gone crazy and it is so, so healthy and happy!

Wanna know my secret? I have found that summer blooming plants, like petunias, vincas, daisies, and impatiens love-love-love Miracle Gro's African Violet potting soil. I have a bunch of African Violets growing in my kitchen window (I know, I know...such a Victorian with all the violets) and when I bought my first round of summer flowers back in April or May, all the potting soil that I had left was for the violets. I figured it couldn't be that different from the regular Miracle Gro potting soil, so I used it for that pot of ivy and petunias, and a few other hanging baskets I have on my front porch. They LOVE it! So, for all my blooming plants that I re-pot, I use the Miracle Gro for violets. It makes them so happy, AND, it comes packaged in a purple bag. Life is good!

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