Friday, August 3, 2007

Sew good

I really cannot sew. I used to attempt to, with imagined and limited success, but I never made anything substantial, save for some decent pillows, a baby-doll dress or two, and some homemade scrunchies.

Ever since I went fox hunting with my farrier's wife last year, I have been dreaming of a black velvet hunt coat like the one that one of the Tennessee Valley Hunt members was sporting (very similar to the one in the picture at left). Of course, she was slightly more, um, "petite" than I am, across the bust and through the shoulders, so I was thinking I could have one made that would custom fit me. I've been looking online to see if I can find patterns for hunt coats, and have found a few nice patterns for $15-$20. I'm looking for material, now, so maybe by this hunt season, I can have a lovely new velvet hunt coat. I plan on looking nice, at least up until the point that Eddie pitches me off at the coop down by the river and then gallops away - blissful and riderless - after the hounds. I'll just need to remember to make the pockets deep enough for a decent-sized flask, to help me on my long walk home!

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