Thursday, August 2, 2007

My place

I like my house. I like my farm. I like to ride my horses, play with my cats, hang with my dogs, and chill with my flowers. I recently took the time to clean up an old flower bed and frog pond/water fountain underneath the wild cherry tree next to my house. It still needs some work - the weeds need pulled, the old metal rockers need cleaned and repainted, and I need to ditch the bright orange extension cord that my fountain is plugged into - but it's still a nice place to sit for a bit (as my cat, Smokey, will attest to in these photos).

These are pictures I took just before it got dark last evening. It's cool and shady there, and I had (a few years ago) created a little patio and fountain out of the old bricks taken from the dissembled chimney from my parents' former house in Bristol, so it has an aged, established look to it. Last weekend, I sat down there with a glass of wine and my new Harry Potter book, and I talked on the phone with one of my BEST FRIENDS EVER for over 3 hours. It was just about dusk when I sat down, and when I got up to go inside (3 hours and 2 glasses of wine later) the moon was out bright, shining right down through the branches of the tree overhead.

I love the summer. I could have been out partying at a bar in town, I could have been at the beach with friends, I could have been camping in the mountains, or I could have been sacked out in a hotel room after a long, hot, exhausting day at a horse show, but I wasn't. I was at home, and I couldn't have been happier. Well, I might have been happier, if...

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