Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Lake

Last year, my parents sold their house they built 30 years ago in town and moved to a smaller, more manageable 1950's "project" house out at South Holston Lake in Bristol. Recently, they purchased a new ski boat to replace the one they had sold not long after I finished college. I guess that living at the lake wasn't enough; they now want to spend just as much time on the lake!

Last weekend, I went up there and went out on the boat with them. It was lots of fun and I may need to spend a little more time with my parents, now! That's my dad in the hat (on the cellphone) and that's my mom (who probably shouldn't be drinking beer and driving the boat...or, driving the boat ever. Especially not when I'm trying to ski).

And, that's the Hwy 421 bridge over the lake by Laurel Marina. I distinctly remember jumping off that bridge my senior year in high school, along with John Creasey, Brad Smith, Kevin Kirksey, Tony Giglio, and Jens (the totally cute all-star tennis player/German exchange student, who I had the BIGGEST crush on). I was the only girl. And, not only was I the only girl, but I jumped in a bikini, and I didn't lose my top. :)

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