Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Zoo

So, following up on yesterday's post about the little ones, today's post involves me, Martha, and Jace's trip to the Knoxville Zoo last week. I haven't been to the zoo here since I was about 8, so it was an interesting and enjoyable visit, despite the 90+ degree heat and the fact we were accompanied by an "active" 2 year old. We actually put Jace in a stroller, and continuing with my new "pseudo mommy" kick, I pushed Jace around all day for Martha, and she and I just walked and talked and watched the animals.

It was really nice and although I haven't seen Martha in over 2 years (which is a shocking record, for any of the 4 of us girls from college to have not seen one or the other of one of us at any time for more than 6 months or so) it was really as if we'd just seen each other several days before. We picked up right where we left off last time. That's the great thing about me, Michelle, Shane, and's like we just never seem to ever be that far apart

(geographically or chronologically, over time). I'm really happy to have gotten to spend so much time with Maratha and Jace, and I look forward to seeing much more of them when they come back to visit Knoxville in the near future. :)

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