Friday, August 17, 2007

"Eddie did great"

According to Dr. Adair, the equine surgeon at UT's vet hospital who did Eddie's chiro adjustment this week, "Eddie did great." He thought Eddie was such a good boy (for his first chiro treatment) and the student/intern who assisted in the procedure thought Eddie was "so cute." Yep, that's my pony! He also thought that Eddie looked pretty good (short of needing to add some muscle to his hind-end and put a bit of weight on him before winter) and all he did was crack Eddie's back, pop his shoulders, and stretch his spine/topline and neck out really good. He did have to adjust his sacropelvic region (hip) on the left side, which was out of alignment and was probably causing my concern about him being stiff to the right when we jumped and turned that direction.

He's all good now, and I could tell that Eddie really was benefitting from the muscle work. His neck relaxed, his hind-end stretched down, and he seemed more comfortable afterwards. Dr. Adair also showed me some stretches I can get Eddie to do at home after a good ride, or on the road at a show, when he's had a long haul in the trailer or is stiff while being kept up in the stall. We're going back the first week of September for the second adjustment, so I think he's going to be a really happy horse this fall event season!

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