Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Word on the street is that Karen O'Connor will be on "The Today Show" tomorrow morning, fresh off her recent Pan American Games gold medal win. I love it when eventers get international media attention for their hard-earned success. Set your dvr's/Tivo and don't miss it!

On a related note, there is an active letter-writing campaign being considered by members of the Chronicle of the Horse's bulletin boards to get Sports Illustrated to consider Karen and Teddy (the pony!) for their Athlete of the Year. We don't exactly think they'll beat out a baseball player or football player (Peyton Manning!!!!), but the publicity and exposure is great for informing the masses about our sport and the human interest is definitely worth it (see how small he is in this picture, in relation to his other equine teammates!). If you're interested in the discussion, check it out.

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