Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Baby Badminton 2011

Don't forget that the Mitsubishi Motors Grassroots Championships start tomorrow at Badminton! This link will take you to a listing of the qualified riders, the division entries, scores, and the official photos of the event as it unfolds over the next few days. Just don't be surprised if you Google Image "Badminton Grassroots Championships" looking for relevant competition pictures and see random photos of me and Eddie pop up there in the mix. Since I have an old blog entry that is also titled "Badminton Grassroots Championships," Google has linked to some photos from my blog, assuming (wrongly) that my photos are somehow connected. I was momentarily shocked when I searched a few minutes ago looking for the above logo. As I scrolled down the page, I saw a familiar picture of me and Eddie on cross-country at MTPC and I thought, "Hey, that horse looks just like.....wait." It did take a moment to sink in, 'cause I can sure as sugar promise you that Eddie and I have never gone cross-country at Badminton........Grassroots Championships or otherwise.

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