Thursday, April 7, 2011

Springtime in Dixie!

J. Press skull bow tie.

One of the many things I love about my BFF, Kelsey, is that she has a very cool and classy boyfriend. Jamey is not just a nice guy, but he's also a great photographer who has the type of eye that's perfect for catching color, nuance, details, light, and personality (be it human or horse). Oh, and, did I mention he can also ride a horse pretty well, too? When he isn't galloping steeplechasers, he's usually snapping excellent photos that capture the fun and beauty of the sport. This link is to a blog entry on his site that shows all the different types/kinds/manifestations of bow ties that were on display at the Carolina Cup a few weeks ago. Also look for Jamey at the Queens Cup at the end of April (for those of you who aren't traveling to Rolex)!

This weekend, Kelsey is at The Fork Horse Trials. I don't know if Jamey will get to go with her this time or not (that's the drawback to having a horsey beau: if she's riding at a horse trial in one place, then he's most likely riding somewhere else in a race), but if he does go, I imagine he will have some amazing photos to share of that gorgeous facility and competition. And, good luck this weekend, Kelsey and Pirate!!!

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