Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Beauty and the Beast

My friend, Cat, rides the most beautiful, gray Warmblood showjumper mare. She kicks butt in rated, unrated, schooling name it. They have also dabbled in unrecognized horse trials on the side, too. Very cool pair. But, Cat's other main ride is quite a different animal, indeed. His name is "Major Michao" and he is everything you would imagine with a name like that. He is HUGE. But, Major is also sweet, sane, brave, and absolutely lovely. I keep trying to talk her into entering a recognized horse trial with him, but she's not sure at all about dressage. He is very nice at dressage.....for a Clydesdale. In fact, he absolutely puts my little cow pony to shame! 

Here are a few pictures of Cat and her beautiful horses. If you know Cat, please stay on her case about seriously eventing Major sometime very soon. I want to see him tearing it up at AECs! :-)

Cat and Justify winning another jumper class. Photo by Jason Engle.

Cat and Justify racking up at RMI, spring 2010. Photo by Bonnie St. Charles.

Cat and Justify take a turn at cross-country. Photo by Jason Engle.

Cat and Major school cross-country. Photo by Jason Engle.

Yes, a Clydesdale can do lovely dressage! Photo by Jason Engle.

Cat and Major galloping on course at FENCE during a spring hunter pace.

So, who's starting the official Major fan club? Go, Major, Go!


Niamh said...

send her this:

Kicking butt and taking names!

Holly Ratcliff said...

Oh, good link! She will love seeing that!