Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Event Recap: The Fork

Photo by Jamey Price 

No, you're not going to get a big write-up from me about yet another event that my friends all got to compete in, but I didn't. Instead, you get to read it straight from the horse's the horsey friend's mouth.

Photo by Jamey Price (of course!). 

One of my very best besties, Kelsey Briggs, went Intermediate a few weeks ago at The Fork Horse Trials. Here is a link to her web site where she gives a great overview of her experience there as she and her OTTB, The Gentleman Pirate, continue their journey from racetrack to the upper levels of eventing. I thought about introducing this post by stating, "And now for something completely different," but that wouldn't be quite accurate. Yes, it is a departure from my personal rantings; however, I wouldn't say what you'll read is "completely different." There's a reason me and Kels are such great friends: we're a lot alike. So, without further and enjoy!

And.....another beautiful photo by Jamey Price.

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