Monday, April 25, 2011

Badminton Babes

Oh, the Brits. The Brits, the Brits, the Brits. They always out-do the rest of us eventers in every capacity it seems. Amazing horses, beautiful facilities, an excellent national/international program, an astounding history in the sport, and -- most clearly -- a wealth of cuties when it comes to the male competitor's department. {sigh} And, I am not alone in my admiration, since I know that handfuls of my fellow eventing girls could be found drooling over every footfall of Harry Meade's horse this past weekend, as well as hanging on every cheerful and intriguing word typed by the "grounded" Sam Watson on the Badminton blog. But, these guys aren't just adorable to look at; they can also pull off a popped collar like I've never seen on our American shores!  Here are a few photos I found of several of the most prominent Badminton babes. Sorry if I have unintentionally overlooked someone's favorite hottie, but -- please -- there are only so many hours in the day. I had to draw the line SOMEWHERE. :-) Gaze longingly, at your own risk.

Harry Meade

Ireland's Sam Watson, blogging at Badminton 2011

And, best for last, Francis "Francy Pants" Whittington and Spin Doctor


Suzanne said...

Seriously LIKED! Suuuuu weeeet!

Jamie Jennings said...

Hey! Talked about this post live on the morning show today (in the first 5 mins!) Hope you can listen, and it will be available around 10:45 EST to download.

Check it out at

Thanks for the post, and I LOVE your blog!

Jamie Jennings

Jamie Jennings said...

PS- I also pasted your link on our Facebook page... just search for horses in the morning.

Holly Ratcliff said...

Wow, Jamie, thank you so much! I just listened to the episode link on the web page and I really appreciated your mention. I posted on my FB page that with all the writing I do on my blog about competitions, safety, training, equipment, and's the hot guys that get everyone's attention. :-) Thank you, again, for giving me a shout-out. I'm really glad you enjoyed the post!