Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Back by Popular Demand.....Badminton Babes: Part II

This post is for you, Megan Corbett!

Because there is still a strong contingent of "been on the scene a while" Badminton Babes (there is certainly no drought of handsome gentlemen in that department!), I have added a Part 2 to the previous post to honor the requests I have received for more, more, more. So, here you go ladies.....

Andrew Nicholson

Clayton Fredericks

Mark Todd: Eventing god, multi-gold medalist, and uber-legend.

Mark Todd, 4-time Badminton winner!

And....of course....the absolutely dashing William Fox-Pitt.

More WF-P, you say? Gladly.....
(Photo by Chris Depledge)

I do believe that a knee-weakening montage may be in order, as well. 

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meganmvcorbett said...

Yes, please! Andrew takes the cake there. THANK YOU!